Fife Racekattens INTERNATIONAL Katte Show 2005
Sunday September 25th 2005

BIS Adult: EC. DK*Nissen´s Lexie, Junior Winner, seal point Siamese girl - bred/owned by Mr. & Mrs. Nissen

BOX Adult: GIC. DK*Nissen´s Maskot, Junior Winner, black Oriental Shorthair boy - bred/owned by Mr. & Mrs. Nissen

BIS Neuter: EC. WW 03. S*San T Ree Gentle Touch, Junior Winner, blue spotted tabby boy - bred by Mrs. Eiwor Andersson/owned by Mrs. Camilla Olin

BOX Neuter: EC. WW 04. DK*Haslund´s Zoya, seal point girl - bred/owned by Mr. & Mrs. Haslund

BIS Youngster: S*Timille Lorna Luft, havana girl - bred by Mrs. Thunell/owned by Mr. Andersen & Mrs. Madsen

BIS Kitten: (N) Cosima af Bekkensten, seal point girl - bred by Mr. & Mrs. Aronsen/owned by Mrs. Ebbesen



Hensleek Henry


Cosima af Bekkensten


Christina Jenson of DK*Ultra´s Siamese & Orientals based in Denmark attended the Racekatten show in Denmark and did some excellent show reporting for Siamese Planet. Christina said of the day:

The show was open to the public between 10am and 7pm. 42 Siamese and Orientals were there and the standards of the competitors were very high.

It was a great show, very well organized with lots of space in the show halls. Everything went smoothly and the show closed at 6 pm, one hour ahead of schedule.


Santree Gentletouch

Haslund Litter

Haslund Annabel

Jackpotts Shogi

Nissens Maskot



Nissens Pixiegirl

Weeko's Queenofthenight

Haslunds Ramses

Nissens Lexie

Zafiramiss Hector