Siamese Cat Association and Oriental Cat Association Shows 2006
Saturday 17th June 2006

Lisa and I attended the SCA/OCA show this year and brought back the results and pics for you! Thank you also to Harry Meekings for letting me work on the table and for the extra piccies!!:)

Lisa had a fab day with her boy Gr Pr Shermese Distant Dream who got his first Imperial certificate.



Gr Pr Shermese Distantdream

Mylynn Missbossyknickers

Mylynn Mykindofgirl

Gr Pr Jomese Jackthelad

Poussecafe Mylynnlegacy

Imp Gr Pr Shimileeta Whosegorgeous

Pr Tikindi Singular Sensation

Lunatora Blazeofglory

Yeloperyl Thelegend

Gr Pr Rozanden Simba Mfalme

Mylynn Missbossyknickers

Merescliff Alannah

UK Imp Gr Pr Mojique Mercury

Gr Ch Solarus Stargalaxy

Sweet Tabitha

Gr Pr Chiarikki Anneliese

Mylynn Missbossyknickers

Loluja Hadtokeeper

Tintally Mafdet Esquire

Rimchar Chenazz Blackmagic

Gr Ch Firousi Fleuressence

Shimileeta Charminglady

Bethanjo Bellisimo

Glenthorne Corabella

Gr Ch Pashtan Enrique

Merescliff Alannah

Ch Aprikat Space Odyssey


Merescliff Alannah