Yorkshire County Cat Club Show 2005
Saturday October 22nd 2005

Thank you to Lisa of Zaragazana Siamese for the lovely pictures and Results. More pictures from the show can be seen on Lisa's website.



Pr Pippastro Silver Tailisman

Ch & Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues

Sensay Strip Tease

Darryl Yates with Sensay Strip Tease

Ch Mylynn Montoya

Ch Chezs Blue Print

Ch & Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues

Legsby Someonespecial

Gr Pr Tianlex Full Monty

Shadowsquad Raphael

Shimileeta Yourlovekills

Shadowsquad Alyceblugown

Velvetena Goinsolo

Shimileeta Indianprince

Shimileeta Callingtheshots

Flutterby Poppy

Adcinam Sensay Surprise

Rexivel Reuben Owned by Audrey Shepard

Legsby Someonespecial



Jomese The Joker