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Below is the Siamese Breed feature article from PetWorld Magazine – Pet World is the largest cat magazine in all of Asia; and as Siamese are Asian Cats (Thailand) I was very honored and pleased that they would choose so many photos of my cats and kittens to use in their article.

They did allow me to write a little bit about myself, my kittens and cats, and my philosophy on raising my Spoiled Siamese Baby Kittens as well. I hope this brings us a little closer and gives more insight to you in case we never get to meet in person; in my 24 years of home-raising these babies I have placed my Siamese Sweeties not only here in south Florida . . . . but all over the world !

I hope you enjoy this article and find it informative and as much fun as we did in participating in it.
“Aunt Bea”
Beatrice Dore'
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