Balinese & Siamese Cat Club Show 2008
Saturday 19th July 2008

Thank you to Carol for the brilliant pictures from the Balinese & Siamese Cat Club Show 2008.

If there are ANY mistakes, please let us know and they will be rectified immediately!



Ch Tintally Mafdet Esquire

Shermese Elijah with his lovely owner Cynthia

Best in Show Pens

Ch Mafdet Valentina

Ch Mafdet Valentina

Mafdet Rose Royce

Hartzie Starlight Express

Mafdet Rose Royce

Shermese Mercedes

GR CH Moonfleet Joie Devivre

Shermese Mercedes

Pippastro Tickled My Fancy

Ch Mapu Malachite

Ch Haruan Kapri

Mafdet Rose Royce

Ch & Pr Pandai Nessa

  Shermese Funangames

Pr Mistamis Blackjack

Mafdet Lindy Lou



Moonfleet Givenchy