Breed 32 Cat Association Show 2008 & Balinese Cat Society Show 2008
Saturday 31st May 2008

I attended the Breed 32 Cat Association and Balinese Cat Society Shows to meet with friends and cover the show for The Planets. It was an excellent day full of beautiful cats and their prowd owners.

Over the past few weeks I have been approached by several exhibitors who have been very disappointed that photographs taken on show days have not appeared on “The Planets”. It transpires that various individuals are using the successful reputation of “The Planets” to gain photographs of exhibitors cats for other purposes. To avoid confusion I am only aware of two websites who regularly take photographs at shows “The Planets” and a website maintained & owned by Audrey Shepherd. Exhibitors need to ask the photographer if the pictures taken will appear on “The Planets” to ensure that this is where your picture(s) end up!

If there are ANY mistakes, please let us know and they will be rectified immediately!




Shermese Elijah

Pippastro Magik Flute

Ch Pippastro Hawkmoth

Spinadiamond Donetoosoon


Adajan Bewitched

Adajan Snowpatrol

Mismarkat Khamsin

Pippastro Solace

Ch Yellow Fairy Av Karitzy

Ch & Pr Hartridge Hersheykisses

Pippastro Tom Foolery

Pr Heathlands Sweetmolanna

Ch & Gr Pr Aprikat Skullduggery

Aprikat Smileymoments

Moonfleet Fait Accompli

Yeloperyl Solsticemoonbeam

Hartridge Harri Potter

Imp Gr Ch Hellfire Castaspell


Ch Pippastro Hawkmoth in his BIS Pen

Gr Ch Moonfleet Joie Devivre

Ch Yellow Fairy Av Karitzy

Shermese Elijah

Uk Gr Pr Arpikat Smartcookie



Winner of the Best Decorated Pen Competition Pippastro Magik Flute