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:: Breed Profile II ::
Weight - Height - Range

Weight: 3-7kgs          Coat Length: Short          Average Litter Size: 6

Siamese often live well into their late teens and it is not unheard of for them to live into their twenties.

The Siamese is an active cat and will require 80 Kcals of food per kg bodyweight per day. This type of cat rarely overeats and will soon tell you how much he requires each day. It must be noted that Siamese should not be fat.

Siamese cats have no specific health problems and are capable of living well into their teens. From the age of about eight years it is advisable for them to have an annual health check to check teeth and liver and kidney function.


Character & Temperament
The Siamese is probably as well known for its loud vocal personality as for its classic looks. They are outgoing extrovert and can be extremely noisy. They demand attention and to be part of the family. A Siamese is not an ideal cat for someone out at work all day as they do not like to be left on their own but this can be overcome by having two Siamese. They are highly intelligent and need to be kept amused. Toys and scratching posts should be provided for their amusement and they can be taught to retrieve toys. Siamese are immensely loyal to their chosen human and they may not tolerate rivals for their affection. They tend to settle best with cats of their own type such as Burmese or Orientals but being territorial tend to bully less domineering breeds such as the longhairs.

Noisiness: High          Energy Level: High          Suitability For Children: Medium
Compatibility With Other Cats: Medium          Compatibility With Other Animals: Medium

Grooming and Showing

Breed Classification: Siamese

Show Characteristics
Siamese are extremely popular show cats and are responsible for one of the biggest breed sections at major cat shows in Britain. The standard is high and the competition is hot. The Siamese is relatively easy to prepare for showing because of its short coat. Prizes will be withheld for incorrect coat colour or pattern, incorrect points, unlevel bite, eye casts as well as other faults which apply to all breeds such as skull deformities, entropion, squints, under or over shot jaw, tail kinks etc.

Grooming and Upkeep
The Siamese' short glossy coat does not require excessive grooming but the cat will enjoy the attention gained from being groomed. As with most shorthair breeds the cats look after their coat very well.

Shedding: Little
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