Fife Cecina Show Italy 2006
Saturday 25th & 26th March 2006


Thank you to Susan of Supa Siamese for the brilliant results and pictures!


Category IV results

BIS male IC Lleyton Hewitt (oriental black spotted tabby), owner/breeder Bongi

BIS female + best adult Siau Tsj'oe Naughty Tortie (blue tortie point), owners Caratozzolo/Santoniccolo, breeder Keers

BIS 6/10 months kitten + best kitten Larosa d'Oltremare (seal point) owners/breeders Caratozzolo/Santoniccolo

BIS 3/6 months kitten Flushing Meadows Lira (seal tabby point) owner/breeder Bongi

BIS male neuter Luciano (red point) owner Amerini, breeder Scannerini

BIS female neuter + best neuter PR & IC Arhantin Evita (seal point), owner Bongi, breeder Nummelin

It was a particularly good weekend for category IV cats because on Sunday Siau Tsj'oe Naughty Tortie was Best of Best adult in show and on Saturday and Sunday Pr & IC Arhantin Evita was Best of Best neuter in show.

Lupin d'Oltremare (OSH c24)

Johpas Oncloudnine (SIA e)

Homer d'Oltremare (OSH o22)


Flushing Meadows Lex Luthor (OSH b25)

Felitan Dafne of The Dark (SIA a)

Arhantin Zeus (SIA a)

Siau Tsj'oe Naughty Tortie (SIA g)

Supa Lara (SIA g)

CH Supa Lulu (SIA j)

Piltoft's Isadora (SIA f)

PR Nocccioletti Panda Pintada (OSH n03)

Supa Luna (SIA j)

Luciana (SIA d)

Pr & CH Arhantin Evita (SIA n)

Flushing Meadows Lira (SIA n21)

Larosa d'Oltremare (SIA n)

IC Flushing Meadows LLeyton Hewitt (OSH n24)

Traum von FF Silvester (OSH n03)