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:: Dognapped::

::Written by Jools - Owner of the ususal suspects::

Appealing for witnesses can anyone tell us how this poor Hertfordshire pooch came to be callously abandoned on the back steps of a terraced house in St Albans and left to suffer overnight?

This is a serious case of neglect (and torture has not been ruled out). Please come forward if you have either seen anything or can identify this poor canine so we can reunite him with his family?

The door in the picture is the back door to the home of three suspects Shantoga Beteljeuse (Boris) a 16 yr old blue point Siamese, Limited Edition Leaha, (Princess Leia), a 2 yr old lilac lass with cattitude and, a dangerous addition to the gang, MysticTree Lady Elana (Lana), a choccie madam who is not quite 1 year old but crammed full of mischief and cunning and is learning the trade of thievery and neighbourhood thuggery from Princess Leia.

We believe their nefarious activities may be escalating from theft of small building materials and gardening implements into full-blown dognapping and extortion.


The Evidence

Involvement of the former ruler of the neighbourhood, Boris, has been ruled out witnesses advise that he has been unwell and was confined to a heated radiator bed during the time of this alleged crime

Lana, although already a strapping lass, may not have the strength to drag the poor sausage dog far, and especially up those back steps, unless she had help from Princess Leia, scourge of the neighbourhood moggies and squirrels. However, since young Lana has no prior convictions for this type of nefarious crime, Princess Leia is the main suspect.


Previous Form

Threatening and bullying the local moggie population poor Tilly has commenced a private prosecution regarding this matter and has called Tigger and Scooby next door to give evidence they are have now entered the witness protection programme as they fear retribution


Abusing an innocent otter at a time when she too should have been young and innocent



Attacking an innocent pink cat the rallying symbol for Hubbell Bubbell members at the Supreme 2005.

Do not let this innocent she-devil deceive you she drowns spiders in her water bowl, catches and eats moths and butterflies for fun and her treatment of all cuddly toys usually ends in total destruction.



Wanted urgently for questioning by Siamese Planet Police Limited Edition Leaha


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