Firenze Show in Florence 2005
Sunday October 2nd 2005

Category 4 results:

BIS male and BIS adult: CH Koosje van Tutte's Friendly Fabio, SIA b breeder Koos Hendricks, owner Annika Larsson

BIS female: CH Woophy's Emotional Rescue, SIA f21 breeder Susanna Zorzi, owner Susan Rawlins Pagnotta

BIS 6/10 and BIS kitten: Johpas Oncloudnine, SIA e breeder Jackie Reed, owner Federica Andreoli

BIS 3/6: Supa Lilli, SIA d21 breeder Susan Rawlins Pagnotta, owner Pierluigi Belli

BIS neuter male and BIS neuter: GIC & IP Supa Glooskap, SIA b breeder/owner Susan Rawlins Pagnotta

BIS neuter female: Noccioletti Panda Pintada, OSH n 03 breeder Halliday, owner Rosaria Versava

Judging 3/6 months - Sophie Sneum with Supa Lilli

Sophie Sneum and Doorte Kaae deciding BIS adult male

BIS female - Sophie Sneum with CH Woophy's Emotional Rescue

Susan from Supa Siamese based in Italy attended the Firenze show in Florence and did some excellent show reporting for Siamese Planet. Susan said of the weekend:

" There were 22 Siamese and Orientals present at the FIFE cat show in Firenze (Florence). Judges for Category 4 were Dorte Kaae and Hanne Sneum, both from Denmark, with Aiwor Andersson from Sweden as refereee judge. There were a lot of cats so the hall was very crowded, the rain was hammering down but we all had a good time."

The photos were taken by Andrea Pierucci of The Dark cattery.

BIS neuter - GIC & IP Supa Glooskap

BIS male and BIS adult - CH Koosje van Tutte's Friendly Fabio

BIS 6/10 and BIS kitten - Johpas Oncloudnine