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::The First Siamese Imperial::

::Written by Lisa Aggett of Zaragazana Siamese and Foreign Whites::

November 5th 2005 saw the 75th anniversary show of the Siamese Cat Club, the original club for the breed. What a fitting show for the first Siamese to attain the new Imperial title. The cat was the stunning cream point Gr Pr Tianlex Full Monty owned by Dr Jane Muir-Taylor and bred by Mrs Pat Cook. Monty has had a wonderful show career to date winning many Best in show awards. He has become a very well known and loved cat, having a heap of admirers everywhere he goes. To put the icing on the cake, the show finished with Monty not only winning Best in Show Neuter but also taking Overall Exhibit for the second consecutive year. A most popular win. Many congratulations to Jane, Pat and of course Monty.

So why has it taken six months for the Siamese and Oriental section to have an Imperial titled cat? The answer to that one is easy. The Siamese and Orientals have been amalgamated in this class meaning the Judge has to be a full judge on both lists. How does that cause a problem? I can hear you asking. Well, the amount of Judges that are qualified to do this is very low and other than at breed club shows some very long standing and well-respected judges are not able to judge this class.

Some statistics:

In the 39 shows from 1st June until end Dec the adult Imperial class has had only 15 different judges and the neuters the same. One particular judge will have completed 9 adult and 6 neuter classes in that time.

To put that into context in just 17 shows the Longhair section had 15 different judges to judge the adult classes and the British had 12. Whilst the Siamese/Orientals had only 9. In those same 17 shows the Longhairs had just 48 adult cats entered the British had 39 whilst the Siamese/Orientals had 87.

So maybe it is time that the G.C.C.F. looked at these statistics and split the Siamese and Orientals into their rightful places. Allowing the Exhibitors in these sections the same chance at making their cats up to Imperial as all the others.

Much has to be said for those Exhibitors like Jane who have had to travel hundreds of miles around the country to find enough different judges to attain these certificates in such a highly contested and difficult class.

We now look forward to seeing the first Imperial Grand Champion Siamese and the first Imperial titled Oriental. So to all of you that own a Grand Champion or Grand Premier, lets get them out on the show bench and show the ‘powers that be' just how many beautiful Siamese and Orientals there are and prove that we should be given a fair chance.


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