Welcome to Sabre's 'Kitten Diary';

Sabre and Jo will update Siamese Planet with all the news and photos from Sabre on a regular basis. There will be a new page for each week of the diary.

Sabre and Jo welcome you again and hope you enjoy their story each week .........

Week One

Thursday 7th of April 2005 - Day One!!!!

This post is a bit late as I have been extremely busy, but now Sabre is curled up on my lap I can actually get round to typing something out!

Sabre managed to find and use the litter tray with no problem at all, this was a surprise as I thought we would have to do a bit of readjustment training.

He then proceeded very confidently explore the house, and ask for loads of cuddles. We put out food but he wasn't interested though he ate some chicken a little later on, all he wanted to do was cuddle, follow us around and meow!

It took some time to get him to play with his toys, but once he got going he didn't stop for an hour, and then it was off to bed.........oh......dear..........

Well seeing as he settled down and fell asleep we left him on the edge of the bed.......big mistake!! At 3 in the morning he woke us both up by jumping around and meowing very very loudly!!

Hoping to get some sleep we shut him outside the bedroom only to be met by protests for an hour. Finally he went quiet and we got to sleep by about 4am....

Friday 8th of April 2005

As Paul (my partner) is an early riser, he opened the door at about 7.00 this morning, only to be meet by a galloping kitten who decided to wake me up!!
Meowing like made I went down to do human and kitten breakfast, which I was glad to see got wolfed down!! Though lack of sleep Paul is a little less amused by Sabres attempts at getting his attention, so I'm having to keep them a safe distance from each other!!

I got him to play for a while, and have taken some pictures to show this. We seem to have a problem where Sabre will only sleep if he is on someones lap!!

We are going out later to do some shopping so hope (Sabre's crying is lessing, it was about 30 minutes long and is now down to 10) that he won't annoy the neighbours! )

I must be truthful though and say that Siamese are very very hard work!!

Well we went and got the car MOT and went into town as it would take an hour, afterwards we did asda for the food shop so Sabre was home alone for around 2 1/2 hours......well......when we got back he wasn't having any of it, he refused to meow, he refused to look at us, and all in all had a big huff.........in the end after I had made the dinner, and up to now!! He is sitting on my lap purring and being happy, Paul has even managed to relax a bit and I overheard him earlier talking and cuddling him!!

Well, I'll end this post with more pictures, and the fact that Sabre thinks I should do less typing and more stroking!!


Saturday 9th of April 2005

Again today Paul opened the door so I was awakened by a noisy bundle of fur at 6.00!!

I made kitten and human breakfast, and got ready to take my bathroom to the tip. At 12.00 my parents arrived and Sabre was very very quiet and simply just layed upstairs in his bed!, as this recieved protests, I went and got him, and wow, was he happy that I did. We did a BBQ but as it was to cold outside all food was brought in, he had the attention of my parents and my sister, and seem for some reason, very close to my dad.

By late afternoon he had spent a whole 2 1/2 hours laying on my dad! But around 7 ish they had to leave.
He ended up on my lap for about an hour and then woosh, he was off! As I was on the computer I had to come down stairs with him as he was playing with everything, wires, computers, music equipement, and had an evil glance at the degus!!

Down stairs I sat and played with him for around an hour and a half, he then got to lay on our bed, until sleep time, in which he was very good and only meowed for about a minute or two, before settling down.

I had a full nights sleep, but not sure about Paul............


Sunday 10th of April 2005

Today we were up early again, Paul had slept a bit better but was constantly woken up by the patter of paws going up and down the stairs!!

Sabre spent most of the day asleep only to become mental, when we went off to bed....

All in all it was quite a quiet day. Tomorrow we are both back at work, but I hope that we I arrive home Sabre will have been a good boy all day!



Tuesday 13th of April 2005

More toys came for Sabre today, his favourites were a little brown and orange mouse and a white mouse.

As Paul was at work till 7.30pm tonight I played with him for hours.......though I must admit he tends to just get on with it!! I have taken a few action shots tonight that I will upload to the gallery!!

You can see more pics on Sabre's own website by clicking HERE WEEK TWO