Welcome to Sabre's 'Kitten Diary';

Sabre and Jo will update Siamese Planet with all the news and photos from Sabre on a regular basis. There will be a new page for each week of the diary.

Sabre and Jo welcome you again and hope you enjoy their story each week .........

Week Two

Saturday 16th of April 2005

Well its been a very busy week, Sabre is now joined up to the local vets and will be going for a checkup and his final jab on Monday!

Today we had a bit of a mishap as he had a runny bottom and managed to walk it all over the house, including a pile of washing, his toys, his bed, and our bed!! This was actually quite good (apart from the washing machine being on constant), as it allowed us to wash the floors and clean the house top to bottom.

Apart from this he has been good all week, and apart from moaning at us for more food when we get home from work, he seems to be ok, on his own.

Sunday 17th of April 2005

Sabre is now a champion jumper!!, he can now get from floor to kitchen side-board, from floor to window sills, and from floor to the top of the Degu cage....all to Mustang and Dodge's amusement!!

Hopefully he will be on best behaviour at the vets tomorrow!!

Monday 18th of April 2005

Sabre was fine at the vets today, though he was very very noisy!! He had his injection and I was given some flea treatment.

The vet was shocked that Razzle Siamese had done so much, and gave them the thumbs up for the best breeders she had ever heard of.

When we got him home I was in for a bit of a shock, the vet said he maybe quiet but he just lyed on his bed all upset and quiet!!

There was silence all evening, I got in a right panic, but Paul said not to worry and he was right, just before we went to bed he was up to his old tricks again!!

Wednesday 20th of April 2005

Not really sure of how I feel today....

Sabre was making his normal noise so Paul went in to give him and cuddle only to call me into the front room

"Look at our sofa..." he yelled.....oops :(

I looked at the evidence, which you can't see from a distince but close up it is obvious, and I think its accidental, and Paul agrees (Thanks god!!) as the marks are slip marks not scratch marks. We actually witnessed this not long afterwards as he played with his favourite toy mouse he basically went mentaled bounced around the room and slipped off the settee....auto-response.....claws out!!

I said sorry to Paul but he just shrugged said he knew it would happen and said it was luckly it was in a place that noone can see....



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