Manchester & District Cat Club
Saturday May 7th 2005
Our Roving reporter, Audrey Shepard of Magical Siamese, visited the Manchester & District Cat Club Show to reveal all the news for Siamese Planet. Audrey reported "It was really nice, loads of parking space right next to the hall, and we were all given a nice mug with a cat design, there were plenty of stalls and it was a relaxed friendly show, even got through vetting in really quick too. It's a nice venue, there was a balcony where we could all watch the judging and the results were up there too. A nice little Cafe in there and quite a large bar."
~ BIS Siamese ~
Mafdet Melange Chocolate
BIS Siamese Kitten
Mafdet Melange Chocolate
BIS  Siamese Adult
Winnoth dale Poshspice
BIS  Siamese Neuter
Richdale Salaam
:: Adults ::
Siamese Ch Male
1 GC Ch Drestothril Daktari 32/1
owned by breeder Christina Knowlson
Siamese Ch Female
1 GC Ch Winnoth dale Poshspice
Res GC Ch Furryface Boudicca
Seal Male
1 CC BOB  Furryface Moriarty
2 Mylynn Montoya
Seal Female
1 CC  Ch Furryface Boudicca
2 Magical Merrytail
Lilac Female
1  CC W/H  Shimileeta Fairprincess
Red Female
1   Ch Winnoth Dale Poshspice
1 CC BOB Flutterby Fliberty Fizz
Tabby Male
1 CC BOB Ch Drestothril Daktari
Tabby Female
1 CC  Gr Ch Shimileeta Whosthatlady
2  Faramir Fantasy Feast
:: Kittens ::
Seal Female
1 BOB  Flowerdew Perpugilliam
2  Foxypaws Autumn Kiss
Blue Female
2nd  1st w/h  Tijanmeek Blueiced
Choc Female
1 BOB  Shimileeta Summerdreamin
Lilac Male
1 Adcinam De Cordova
Lilac Female
1  Adcinam Ifyplease Precious
1  BOB Mafdet Melange Chocolate
2 Tijanmeek Chocolateflake
Tabby Male
1 BOB Pashtan Spongbob
2  Shimileeta Skywalker
:: Neuters ::
Premier Male
1 GP  Pr Simplismittein Sosvelte
Res   Gr Pr Aprikat Sailsinthesunset
1  BOB PC Richdale Salaam
1 PC BOB  Ch & Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues
1 PC BOB  Gr Pr Shimileeta Whosegorgeous
Pr Admonam Tommyfly
3  Sangchan Pawsforthought
IC  Solosam Flashharry
IC  Vykram Affinity

Mafdet Melange Chocolate
BIS Siamese kitten and Overall BIS Siamese

Christina Knowlson's
Ch Drestothril Daktari

Jenny Bauerfeid's
Gr Ch Shimileeta Whosthatlady

Shimileeta Skywalker

Richdale Salaam

Solosam Flash Harry
bred by Steph Butland, owned by Mrs V Keeping

Ch Winnoth Dale Poshspice
owned and bred by Mrs J Atkinson
~ Thank you to Audrey at Magical for all the wonderful photos and show report ~
Flowerdew Perpugilliam
owned & bred by Mr Grey