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:: Neutering ! ::

::Written by Celia Simpson of Shermese Siamese::

Ouch, the poor fellow” the chap sitting in front of you grimaces while his wife nods her head understandingly.

This is quite often the reaction you get when you tell prospective owners that their kittens must be neutered. .They don't believe you when you tell them that this is just a minor op which hardly seems to hurt the boys. X my white boy was neuter last week and staggered out of his carrier to scruff Izzy, my tortie point with a view to mate her. Convalescing didn't come in to it!

You must then push the point home and first tell them the disadvantages of an entire boy and the advantage of a neutered pet.

When they hear of the nasty diseases that can be picked up when their cat is “on the Town” the reaction is different. This is when I stress that both Feline Aids and Leukemia and other virus are easily caught by entire cats...these virus live and spread in damp places. I.e. In bloody cat fights and rough sex..

He will go out at nights and fight all the other Toms for his territory, become very smelly and spray everywhere. I can see the wife thinking of her new three piece suite , and the hubby beginning to waver. “ Whereas” I ram the point home “The neutered male is more loving less likely to roam, less aggressive and more friendly and cleaner “ By now the couple are convinced…...if hubby still isn't then don't sell them a kitten!"

So much easier to convince them to have their girl speyed… they only need to have a girl calling hard once before getting them to the vets poste haste.

Many, many years ago when my household consisted of 2 Siamese girls and a Devon Rex we were constantly visited by the local Casanova. He was a Ginger Tom of great size and presence… with half a right ear and covered in scars Tatty and dirty he would swagger up to the house every time one of the girls called. He would make himself at home in the boiler house, attractively spraying at everything that stood still longer that five seconds. In spite of this I could not help liking him. I tried to find out where he came from but no one knew. Kissy, my Rex was determined to seduce him and the two Siamese also found him very attractive.

One morning I managed to shut the boiler house door before he bolted. I popped him into a carrier and straight down to my helpful vet, where all chances of him procreating were cut short. I collected him that evening and let him sleep off the anaesthetic that night. After a light breakfast he slopped off.

Six weeks later my husband was having a pint in the local pub when he overheard the word ‘cat' in a conversation nearby. He listened in “Poor old s*d was so quiet, staying in at night, we thought he was ill. We had him looked over by the vet…and do you know what? Some b*****s cut his marbles off!” When the laughter had died down the toast was “To Ginge”.

My Husband came home chuckling. Ginge hasn't been back. “Well" said my husband “Would you?”

Many thanks to Celia for a fabulous article to get us going!!

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