He was my North, my South, my East and West .........we have all loved and lost those of our cats that were most dear to us. In our memories though, these precious Siamese Friends stay in our hearts to bring a smile each time we remember them.

'In Remembrance' is a place dedicated to those fond memories and a chance to share thoughts, feelings, stories and photographs of those now past......

If you would like to see a special friend on this page, please email your words and pictures to webmaster@siameseplanet.co.uk


Shermese Happy Days
9th June 2006 - 4th July 2007

My special boy who I had been waiting for for so long was only with me for 3 months and 3 days before he passed away suddenly right in front of my eyes. The only consolation I had is that it was quick and he didn't suffer and he is in a better place. Will meet again my darling on the other side but for now I am absolutely devastated and trying to come to terms with it. The house doesn't seem the same this morning even though I have six other cats around my feet. Thank you Celia for letting me share those few months with this special boy. I will never forget him.

We love and miss you so much Sonny

All our love forever and always

Debbie and family including Rupert, Chloe, Casper , Simmy , Oliver & Jonny xxxxxx


European Champion Applejack Chats Arctica

lilac point - 8th May 1998 - 10th November 2005

Chatty, father, grandfather and great grandfather of most of my cats, was put to sleep to avoid further suffering due to prolonged kidney failure.  He will be sorely missed especially by the kittens of whom he was the self-appointed babysitter and protector - he was always surrounded by them, they loved him and he loved them.

I miss you Chatty.. love Susan

Hifidelity Merlyn
13th July 2002 - 6th October 2005

Merlyn, my beautful 3 yr old boy, left us suddenly, inexplicably and without warning. Last night he was with us, purring and beautiful, this morning he wasn't

I am aching with pain at losing him..........

We Love you Merlyn,

Love Lesley, Phillip, Rich and Tim......

LiLi and Tisha

1986 - 1999

Possibly the most gorgeous and loving Siamese girls I ever had the honour to meet.

Lili a Lilac point and Tisha a Blue point were family pets brought into my home when I was 12, they were real characters, I remember the warm jacket potatos brought home by them, the army socks clean off someones washing line, the turkey on Christmas Day, the neighbours complaining because they had used their new seed trays as litter trays.....

They were fabulous and are sorely missed.


DK*Nissen´s Osiris
4th June 2005 - 10 Sept 2005

I had been waiting for this special boy for such a long time, when he finally moved in he stole my heart! I had the pleasure of living with this darling creature for only 6 days before he left for Rainbow Bridge. Siris died of volvulus and low afflux of blood...

You´re now healthy and pain-free and I´ll see you again, baby boy....

Love, Stina (DK*Ultra´s Siamese & Oriental Shorthairs)


Grand Premier Nanpema Bellisimo Amantino
04 02 96...30 06 05

As his pedigree name  suggests, he was my beautiful little lover boy.  I held him in my hands when he was born: I will hold him in my heart for ever. He was gentle, faithful: always by my side. Gently put to sleep to avoid suffering.

Love Always



CH & IP Carinthia Fa Ying

This is Wuzzy, my very first Siamese whom I got in England nearly 30 years ago.   Knowing nothing about Siamese or showing, I took her to a show in Italy where she became BIS shorthair cat.   I was hooked!   Unfortunately she was later found to be FeLV positive although showing no signs of being ill.  So we kept her (without any other cats of course), all my breeding/showing plans were postponed and she lived happily up to the age of 8.

........miss you Wuzzy, much love ... Susan

Sharue Niteshadow
(27.08.2003 - 15.04.2005)
Our wonderful little girl died about an heavy uterus infection and a terrible infection in her right hind paw.
None of the veterinary treatments could help this poor little cat.
I´m shocked and totally devastated about her unexpected loss.
Sleep tight my wonderful little girl, I miss you so much.

Your legacy will be your little son "Manalishi´s Fortune Cookie".

GIC Freudenreich Kalendergirl

Bebe had a kidney failure and she weakened very rapidly last weekend.
I am so grateful to Barbara Herolds in Hastings who let BiBi go to Norway in 1981. She is in the pedigree of both World Winners, Scandinavian winners, Cats of the Year and a lot of Best in Show winners in many European countries.

I miss my Bibi so much, she was such a soft and gentle little cat.