Fife Rome Show Italy 2006
Saturday 18th March 2006

The “Magnificat” show in Rome was held in a huge hall of the Fiera di Roma with masses of stands and numerous visitors.

These are the Category IV results:

BIS male + best adult: IC Flushing Meadows Lleyton Hewitt (Oriental black spotted tabby) breeder/owner Elena Bongi

BIS female: Flushing Meadows Lavinia (Siamese seal point) breeder Elena Bongi, owner Francesco Ravaglia

BIS 6/10 months + best kitten: Flushing Meadows Lex Luthor (Oriental chocolate ticked tabby) breeder/owner Elena Bongi

BIS 3/6 months kitten: Tati's Lapo Elkann (Oriental chocolate and white bicolor) breeder Biagio Cellamare, owner Francesco Ravaglia

BIS female neuter + best neuter: EC + IP Enola Magnolia (Siamese lilac point) breeder/owner Susan Rawlins Pagnotta

BIS male neuter: GIC + IP Supa Glooskap (Siamese chocolate point) breeder/owner Susan Rawlins Pagnotta

Flushing Meadows Lex Luthor

GIC + IP Supa Glooskap

Tati's Lapo Elkann


Flushing Meadows Lavinia

EC + IP Enola Magnolia

CH Koosje van Tutte's He's 2good2bblue (SIA a) + CH Flushing Meadows Lisistrata (SIA n21)

Flushing Meadows Leonardo Pieraccioni (OSH b)

GIC Nicka's Johnny Hallyday (SIA n)

IC Nicka's Iron Butterfly (SIA c)

IC JW Okonor Jacomo Kasanova (SIA n21)

Felitan Dafne of the Dark (SIA a)

IC Flushing Meadows LLeyton Hewitt

Tati's Lapo Elkann (OSH b03) + Flushing Meadows Lavinia (SIA n)

Traum von FF Silvester (OSH n03)

CH Supa Lulu (SIA j)

Nicka's Lill-Babs (SIA e)

Supa Apache (SIA a)

Flushing Meadows Lex Luthor (OSH b25) + Lupin d'Oltremare (OSH c24)