The Trust is a registered charity, looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. They operate a rescue and re-homing service and foster unwanted cats. The Trust sometimes have adult cats needing permanent, loving homes. All these activities are only available in the U.K.

Siamese Planet is proud to be helping the Trust by devoting a section of the site to their wonderful work and, in particular, the 'Adopt a Siamese' program.
'The Trust have cats in permanent care, who because of their age,condition etc haven't been fortunate enough to find a new home.These mostly senior citizens live,when possible,'as family' with the Welfare officers and whilst they ask for very little, everyone likes them to have the very best and this is where you can help by 'adopting' one (or more!) You will find the cats details and pictures on the Meet the Cats pages and an application form is available to adopt one of the many wonderful cats.'