Scotia Cat Fanciers
Saturday April 23rd 2005
Our Roving reporter, Audrey Shepard of Magical Siamese, was not able to visit the Scotia show and Siamese Planet is therefore very grateful to Dawn
Williams who managed to provide the show results for Siamese Planet
Grd Female
Gr Ch Rivaness Rimanda 32/6
owned by breeder Mr & Mrs Robb
Seal Fem cc w/h
Nexis Lisa Girl
owned by Mr French
Choc Fem 1cc BOB
Rivaness Rhapsody
owned by Marianne Gibson

Lilac Fem 1cc BOB
Rivaness Lucy Locket
owned by Pat Shand
Tabby Fem 1cc BOB
Nexis Madam Wazel 32/6
owned by Mr French
Tortie 1cc
Ch Chinkilynx Metexathailu 32b3
owned by Mrs & Miss Debowska
:: Kittens ::
Seal Male 1 w/h
2nd Adfuram Troy Master Flash
owned by Mrs Hatch
Choc Male 1 BOB
Porrima Night Star
owned by Mrs Dixon
Lilac Fem 1 BOB
Palmira Lucinda
owned by Mr & Mrs Robb

Ch Chinkilynx Metexathailu
Red Fem 1 w/h
2nd Johpas Fainty Flirt
owned by Marion Gibson
:: Neuters ::
Grand Male
Gr Ch Stationary Summer Bonus
owned by Miss Cane
Grand Female
Gr Ch & Pr Metexa Shinta
owned by Mrs Clay
Lilac MN 1 PC BOB
Khantis Ghostbuster
owned by Mr Cox
Tabby FN 1 PC BOB
Gr Ch & Pr Metexa Shinta
owned by Mrs Clay
Caramel 1C
Palmira Christmas Rose  24n