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:: Siamese Breed Colours ::

  24 Seal Point
24a Blue Point
24b Chocolate Point
24c Lilac Pcint
24k Cinnamon Point
24n Caramel Point
24r Fawn Point
32a Red Point
32c Cream Point
32fn Apricot Point
32bl Seal Tortie Point
32b2 Blue Tortie Point
32b3 Chocolate Tortie Point
32b4 LilacTortie Point
32b7 Cinnamon Tortie Point
32b8 Caramel Tortie Point
32b9 Fawn Tortie Point
32 1 Seal Tabby Point
32 2 Blue Tabby Point
32 3 Chocolate Tabby Point
32 4 Lilac Tabby Point
32 5 Red Tabby Point
32 6 Cream Tabby Point
32 7 Cinnamon Tabby Point
32 8 Caramel Tabby Point
32 9 Fawn Tabby Point
32 10 Apricot Tabby Point
32t1 Seai Tortie Tabby Point
32t2 Blue Tortie Tabby Point
32t3 Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point
32t4 Lilac Tortie Tabby Point
32t7 Cinnamon Tortie Tabby Point
32t8 Caramel Tortie Tabby Point
32t9 Fawn Tortie Tabby Point
The distinct colour pattern that distinguishes the siamese breed is created by the pointing" gene. This gene is recessive therefore two pointed parents will always give rise to pointed kittens.

The Siamese cat is pure white at birth - the gene that produces the "points" on the face, paws, and tail is heat sensitive, and the point color gradually develops on the cooler extremities of the body. In some breeding lines, and in warmer climates, the point color may not fully develop until the cat is over a year old.
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Older cats have a darker body color than young cats and kittens, though there is still a clear contrast between the body color and the point color.The Seal Point Siamese is genetically a black in colour, but the pointing gene causes the color to appear almost exclusively on the points. As the cat matures, the creamy body color will usually give way to a lighter shade of the point color, most clearly with seal and blue points. (For this reason, seal and blue point Siamese have relatively limited careers as show cats - it's unusual to see one at a show over the age of two. Chocolate and lilac points don't darken as quickly and can be shown longer.)
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