Siamese Cat Club Show 2006
Saturday 4th November 2006

Thank you to Lisa of Zaragazana Siamese and Foreign Whites for the results and piccies. Well done and Congratulations goes to the members of Hubbell Bubbell who were showing at the Siamese Cat Club today and did so well, they are:

Celia Simpson breeder of Ch & Gr Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues, owned by Lisa Aggett and Shermese Amozartmoment, soon to be owned by Clare Whitby.

Kay Simpson breeder of Flutterby Oldjosefox owned by Paul Marshall.

Tina Burge breeder of Sulmare Shermese Athena, owned by Celia Simpson.

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Ch & Gr Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues

Pashtan Dodgy tortieboy

Sulmare Shermese Athena

Flutterby Oldjosefox

Shermese A Mozart Moment

Meilland Going-for-broke

Drestothril Red Delicious

Ch Johpas Senorita Rumbalita

Tintally Mafdet Esquire

Best In Show Adult Male Judging

Best in show Adult, Neuter and Kitten

Shermese A Mozart Moment

IGR Ch Pr Johpas Glamnglitz

Best in Show Female Neuter Judging

Best in Show Male Neuter Judging

Best in Show Female Kitten Judging

Best in Show Male Kitten Judging

Best in show Female Adult Judging

Ch & Gr Pr Johpas Blonde Bombshell

Drestothril red Delicious

Meilland My-KindaGuy

Amyday Touch Of Tikindi

Ch & GrPR Shimileeta Starinmyeyes

Shinarha Daydreambeliever

IGR CH & Pr Johpas Glamnglitz



Ch & Gr Pr Shermese Touchoftheblues