Siamese Cat Club Show 2007
Saturday 4th November 2007

Thank you to Lisa for the lovely pictures and results.

If there are ANY mistakes, please let us know and they will be rectified immediately!



Left to Right - Jenny Jones, Lynne Studer, Barbara Gould, Steve Morris, Pat Neale, Jackie Reed, John Hansson and Pat Cook

Pat Neale

Mapu  Forgetmenot

Magical Tutti Fruiti

Magical Candyman

Applejack Vanilla-sky

Applejack Summerheat

Johpas Toptotti

IGC &IGP Johpas Glamnglitz

IGC Hellfire Castaspell

Gr Pr Lynnox  Bobby Dazzle

Sinope Zaniah



Shermese Too Too Patou