Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club Show 2006
Saturday 21st April 2006

The lovely Lisa of Zaragazana went to the Suffolk and Norfolk cat club show 2006 and brought back the results and FABULOUS piccies!!

We both worked very hard Saturday night to get the results and piccies up for you whilst enjoying a Martini each!!!



Uk Gr Ch Longview Wish Uponastar

Tintally Mafdet Equire

Styperson Emmalena

Shermese Almost Armani.

Pollybee Mayflower

Ch & Pr Styperson Tiger Lily.

Glenthorne Constantine

Pollybee Masquerade

Glenthorne Corabella

Mafdet  Eyecandy

Pollybee Mayflower

Tintally Chocolateir