Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club Show 2008
Saturday 17th May 2008

I attended the Suffolk and Norfolk 'Catolympic' Show with my friend Clare, her daughter Emma and their gorgeous Cream Oriental Longhair Neuter, Pippastro Magikflute who gained his first PC on the day.

I had an absolutely brilliant time, all the exhibitors were friendly and upbeat and the show was well run by the Show Managers Helen Marriot-Power, Sean Farrell and Sue Barrett, the Best in Show judging and awarding was in full view of the seated audience who could listen to the judges as they judged the cats before them.

The Siamese section did well with the Best in Show Siamese, Mafdet Rose Royce being made the Silver Catolympic Winner, being pipped to the post for the Gold by a Tipped British Neuter, UK & Imp Gr Ch & Imp Gr Pr Pennydown Snowpearl.

If there are ANY mistakes, please let us know and they will be rectified immediately!



Pippastro Magik Flute

Pr Solarus Cathys Clown

Gr Ch Mapu Peppie

Ch Mapu Forgetmenot

Mapu Malachite - Oblivious to it all

Glenthorne Jemima Rouge

Imp Gr Ch Hellfire Castaspell

Steve Morgan with Ch Astralblaese Perseus Purring and relaxed

Ch Tintally Mafdet Esquire

Mapu Malachite



Ch Astralblaese Andromeda

Gr Ch & Gr Pr Astralblaese Scheherezade

Gr Pr Moustaches Fenton Fauve

Nitsilik Sound Orseil

Mafdet Rose Royce

Mafdet Allgunsblaizin

Adsetam Williwonka

Gorgeous Household Pet Mikko

Champion Mafdet Valentina - Made up on the day relaxing with Ron of Mafdet Siamese

Amazolou Mister Fantastic - A beautiful Red Smoke Shorthair Selkirk Rex on Exhibition on The Selkirk Rex Cat Club Stand, which was very busy everytime I walked past

Chenazz Mrbluesky


Champion Mafdet Valentina - Made up on the day

The Best in Show pens at the start of the day

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Catolympic Winners with Show Manager Helen Marriot-Power dressed in a stunning Union Jack Dress with Red thigh Boots to die for!

Pictures from the day were loaded on to a laptop and displayed on a screen for all to enjoy