Three Counties Cat Society Show 2007
Saturday 18th August 2007

I attended the Three Counties Cat Club Show and had a really lovely day - the show was well run and as friendly as the catalogue promised!

I am afraid there are no pictures as I was so busy chatting to lots of lovely Exhibitors, Judges and Stand Holders about the forthcoming website and publication - click to see how the changes in how you get your show critiques will affect you!

If there are ANY mistakes, please let us know and they will be rectified immediately!

Thank you to Karen for marking up my catalogue!

Thank you to Edna and Caroline who sent in pictures of their cats!



Ch Edingorse Chamois

Gr Ch Midamyst Ivgotyoubabe

IGr Ch Edingorse Charlemagne

Spireshadow Seeteez Svelto


Seeteez Dressed Toimpress